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Diary Changes

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 7 months ago

Because Stedman wrote his narrative ten years after the events take place, it is important to view the narrative in relation to his unpublished diaries and contemporary sources.  The narrative sometimes deviates from the dairy, but Stedman was careful to provide his sources and state first hand observation as opposed to outside accounts (xiii).  The main difference between the two works is Stedman's relationship to Joanna.  In the diary, he recounts numerous sexual encounters with black slaves before he meets Joanna, which is removed from the narrative.  Also missing from the narrative is the conversation with Joanna's mother where Joanna is offered to him for a price.  The early sex is removed from the narrative and Joanna becomes an object of beauty and desire as opposed to a slave girl used for sex (xxx).  Other than romanticizing this relationship, Stedman follows the diary closely.  Stedman ties together story lines along with detailed descriptions of his surroundings.  Through various sources he is able to give a complete account of Surinam.

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