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 Final Project



As high speed information becomes a greater commodity, we must find ways of providing people with the facts about specific occurrences. With the use of a Wiki, facts can be provided to everyone with Internet access. With email usage taking over about 2 hours of a persons' day, businesses are looking for more useful ways of sharing information with their colleagues. Wiki is the next step in business relations because it is easily accessed and organized in a way that provides quicker results than that of email. Still though, there is a fear of privacy with Wiki since anyone can access it. In a collegiate setting, a Wiki is very useful. As seen with our class, everyone can easily participate in the forming of information, providing to the source each persons own knowledge of a specific subject. While this may include opinions, it is viewed as un-scholarly and not very reliable as far as the truth goes. However I feel that even if all that is said may be a little bit false, not necessarily false but just off track, there is still much information provided that can be used later on to support ones own opinion.


What I wish to do for my final project is to utilize the Wiki we have produced for our class, English 404 Black Romanticism, by creating an exam for the students with questions that span the entirety of the Wiki page. Using the students own posts regarding the authors we have read, the music entries that have been made, the artifacts that have been examined and the specific topics assigned to each student regarding an important part of history, I will form an exam of about 10, maybe more, questions that the students will have to answer by reading through the Wiki. I could have short answer questions, multiple choice, true or false, matching, etc. I also will post more on my efforts as they continue. For now though, courage.




Note for Monday April 7, 2008. I will not be attending class today due to a doctor's Appointment. I will see you all on Wednesday. Matt

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