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Voodoo Masks (Sam)

Page history last edited by Samantha Luceri 12 years, 4 months ago


African Voodoo Masks


    Voodoo masks are an integral part of African dance ceremonies.  The mask dance in Africa is charged with the responsibility of keeping the balance of life between humans and the gods.  The mask becomes the living manifestation of the gods, both good and evil.  Drummers and singers, who often wear these masks are a crucial part of voodoo ceremonies, acting as the conduit for the spirits to journey into the ceremony.

    African masks are thought of as the resting place for spirits of any kind. The appearance of the mask and the way it is made indicates what type of spirit resides in it. Masks are very highly respected because of this. There are many different types of spirits and each has a different value, and some are even more important than others.

    Some Africans believe that masks are actually made by spirits that want to live in them, and that masks materialized overnight. Yet, most know that masks are made by human hands.  On a side note, masks are made only by certain male carvers and only men are allowed to wear them.


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